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Dr Vivek Gaur Best Implantologist

Internationally Renowned Dental Implant Surgeon INDIA’s Best Expert for Corticobasal Implants

Meet Dr. Vivek Gaur, a pioneer in cutting-edge dental implant science & a leading expert in basal implants; world’s most advanced dental implant technology !

With over 20 years of expertise and over 30,000 successful implant placements, patients worldwide have embraced the transformative results.

For the pioneering work he has been undertaking in restoring lost smiles within just 48 hours, Dr Vivek Gaur is called as the Best Implantologist in Ghaziabad

Rediscover Your Smile with Dr. Vivek Gaur

Full Mouth Dental Implant Expert & A Champion in " Implants in 48 Hour Technology"

What Is Corticobasal Implant Technology?

Corticobasal Implant Technology, also called Strategic Implantology is a cutting-edge dental implant solution, considered the most advanced globally. Through this science, patients can receive a fully functional set of fixed teeth supported by permanent dental implants in just 48 hours, that is 2 days !

Dr. Vivek Gaur has been registered for Healthcare Professional Registry (HPR) under Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission, National Health Authority.

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