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"Dental Implants in 3 Days" is not just a term;
it's now a reality!

Thanks to the ground-breaking immediate functional loading dental implant technology, our patients can now experience the future of dental care. Gone are the days of waiting months for dental implants. Now, any patient can achieve a brand-new smile within 48 to 72 hours. At our state-of-the-art dental centre in Delhi NCR, we take immense pride in EXCLUSIVELY offering this cutting-edge technology to patients worldwide.

Understanding Immediate Functional Loading Dental Implantology

Immediate Functional Loading Dental Implantology, also known as corticobasal implantology, offers a quick and minimally invasive solution for receiving a fixed set of implant-supported teeth in less than 72 hours. In this process Dr. Vivek Gaur places Simpladent Implants ( also known as Strategic Implants), the world’s most widely regarded single-piece dental implant system through a pin-hole surgical procedure in the patient’s jaw-bone. Patients come to the clinic without teeth and leave after their third appointment with a fully functional set of implant-supported teeth. Patients can indulge in their favourite foods without any restrictions starting from the 3rd day itself !

Fixed Teeth Within 72 Hours | Step by Step Guide – Dr. Vivek Gaur


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Your Brand New Smile Delivered in 72 Hours: Know How


Extraction of Infected Teeth and Implant Placement


Metal Try-in & Measurement for Prosthesis


Permanent Fixation of the Teeth & Correction of the Bite


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