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Dr. Vivek Gaur's Dental Implant Centre is a Cutting-Edge Dental Clinic Equipped with State-of-the-Art Technology, Situated in Kaushambi, Ghaziabad, Delhi-NCR.

Experience the unmatched excellence of Dr. Vivek Gaur’s Dental Implant Centre, where cutting-edge technology, skilled dental technicians, and a dedicated team of experts work tirelessly under Dr. Vivek’s leadership. Our clinic stands as the sole provider in the Delhi-NCR region offering immediate dental implant treatment to all patients within 48 to 72 hours.

Say goodbye to waiting and hello to a new smile in record time!

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Fixed Teeth Within 72 Hours | Step by Step Guide – Dr. Vivek Gaur


Wireless Intraoral Scanner by TRIOS 5

Our centre is equipped with the latest TRIOS 5 wireless scanner: A scan engine that ensures flawless scanning with AI-powered ScanAssist for high-quality results every time. Thanks to marvels like these in dental technology, we are able to complete weeks of work within a few minutes!

Ceramill Motion 2 by AMANN GIRRBACH

Powerful 5-axis machine with grinding unit with fast processing times, high quality & high-performance. A robust automatic milling machine for dental implant centres!

AccuFab L4K by Shining 3D

A high-precision resin 3D printer that improves prototyping efficiency& speeds up product development

FabCure 2 Post-curing Unit by Shining 3D

Post-curing technology for 3D printers for high precision and optimal material performance

AutoScan-DS-EX Pro by Shining 3D

Unparalleled efficiency with our champion dental device, capturing data at lightning speed for rapid&precise results.

Zircom by KDF USA

High-powered sintering furnace delivering beauty to various zirconia materials

Solidilite V from Shofu Japan

This devices enhance the strength and efficiency of our in-house lab, providing invaluable support for composite curing.

Fornax® T by Bego Germany

Powerful & compact high-performance induction heating machine with German Technology

VACUMAT 6000 M by VITA America

Fully-automatic, microprocessor-controlled dental ceramic furnace

*The devices mentioned above are owned and operated by Dr. Vivek Gaur at his private practice in the Delhi-NCR region. The information provided is intended solely for educational purpose for patients.