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Dr. Vivek Gaur's Dental Implant Clinic is recognized as one of the best Permanent Dental Implants Treatment Centres in the whole of Delhi-NCR.

Dr. Gaur’s mastery in Full mouth dental implants has positively impacted numerous patients seeking immediate dental implant treatment solutions. Our clinic efficiently minimises waiting times for those undergoing dental implant procedure. Thanks to the cutting-edge dental technology we have in offering.

Experience the unparalleled excellence of Dr. Vivek Gaurโ€™s Dental Implant Clinic, where technology and world-class medical equipment, skilled dental technicians, and a dedicated team of experts operate seamlessly under Dr. Vivekโ€™s leadership. Dr. Gaur’s unwavering commitment to the science of corticobasal implantology solidifies his position as The Best Dental Implant Doctor in India!

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Fixed Teeth Within 72 Hours | Step by Step Guide โ€“ Dr. Vivek Gaur


Wireless Intraoral Scanner by TRIOS 5

Our centre is equipped with the latest TRIOS 5 wireless scanner: A scan engine that ensures flawless scanning with AI-powered ScanAssist for high-quality results every time. Thanks to marvels like these in dental technology, we are able to complete weeks of work within a few minutes!

Ceramill Motion 2 by AMANN GIRRBACH

Powerful 5-axis machine with grinding unit with fast processing times, high quality & high-performance. A robust automatic milling machine for dental implant centres!

AccuFab L4K by Shining 3D

A high-precision resin 3D printer that improves prototyping efficiency& speeds up product development

FabCure 2 Post-curing Unit by Shining 3D

Post-curing technology for 3D printers for high precision and optimal material performance

AutoScan-DS-EX Pro by Shining 3D

Unparalleled efficiency with our champion dental device, capturing data at lightning speed for rapid&precise results.

Zircom by KDF USA

High-powered sintering furnace delivering beauty to various zirconia materials

Solidilite V from Shofu Japan

This devices enhance the strength and efficiency of our in-house lab, providing invaluable support for composite curing.

Fornaxยฎ T by Bego Germany

Powerful & compact high-performance induction heating machine with German Technology

VACUMAT 6000 M by VITA America

Fully-automatic, microprocessor-controlled dental ceramic furnace

*The devices mentioned above are owned and operated by Dr. Vivek Gaur at his private practice in the Delhi-NCR region. The information provided is intended solely for educational purpose for patients.