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Treatment with dental implants is a well-proven solution for replacing one, several or all teeth, in both upper and lower jaws.However, conventional procedures like all on 4 dental implants can be time-consuming and expensive.  The innovative technology of immediate dental implants is truly remarkable! 

With basal implants, full mouth dental implant cost significantly reduces as there is no need for additional procedures like grafting. In just 2-3 appointments i.e in a span of 48 hours, Dr. Vivek Gaur can provide patients with a permanent set of implant-supported dentures thereby saving time !

Dr. Gaur has successfully placed over 30,000 tooth implants in Delhi and all over the globe in the last 20 years, restoring countless smiles.

Conventional VS Immediate Dental Implants - Explained by Dr. Vivek Gaur

Missing Few Teeth? Dental Implants Can Fix Your Smile Instantly!

Missing ALL Teeth? Dental Implants Can Transform Your Life Completely!



World's Best Permanent Dental Implant System- SIMPLADENT, Made in Germany

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