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5 Things To Keep In Mind Before Deciding To Go For Dental Implants 

Dental Implants : Traditional implants are known to have a few limitations, such as a higher failure rate, risks of implant instability, and more complications like peri-implantitis & gum diseases. Because of these limitations, there is a compulsory need for excessive recovery time and stringent precautions. To address these concerns, modern implant techniques, such as immediate Dental Implants , are becoming popular. In the past few years, Dental Implants  have been accepted as a preferred solution to replace missing teeth because of their features like natural aesthetics, durability, & positive impact on oral health. These offer improved outcomes and address nearly all the shortcomings that have been related to traditional implants.

Basal Implants are a type of immediate Dental Implants that overcome all the challenges of traditional implants. Modern implants require only the support of the available bone; basal implants are fixed using the cortical bone that has more density and is less susceptible to resorption. Hence, these implants can be placed in areas having less bone volume, making it a viable solution for those who are suffering from inadequate bone density. Some other features of immediate Dental Implants  are:

  1. Shorter healing time between implant placement & restoration
  2. Reduction of complication risks associated with prolonged healing like infection, implant instability, etc.
  3. Higher stability and resistance to peri-implantitis

Top Signs That You Need Dental Implants

If you are missing one or more teeth, then it is recommended to go for a dental implant as a long-term solution. Apart from this, let us have a look at the top signs that will tell you to visit a dentist and get an immediate dental implant:

1.Missing Teeth
2.Loose, Cracked, or Broken Teeth
4.Tooth diseases like periodontitis, pyorrhea, etc.
7.Replace Loose Dental Bridges
8.Sunken Face
9.Difficulty Chewing

For diabetic, hypertensive, or cancer radiation patients, traditional dental solutions are risky since the patients are already suffering from an ailment that is weakening their immunity. However, at Dr. Vivek Gaur’s dental clinic, such patients can get their teeth fixed with ease. At the clinic, advanced dental implant techniques like immediate dental implants – basal implants are used. These permanent dental implants use denser cortical bone and hence are suitable even for those who have compromised bone density or volume. Further, Dr. Vivek Gaur has expertise in modern dentistry and he follows a personalized approach that is suitable even for diabetic, hypertensive, or cancer radiation patients.

Why You Must Go For Immediate Dental Implants?

Here’s why you should consider immediate dental implants from Dr. Vivek Gaur:

  1. These implants restore function & aesthetics quicker compared to traditional implants.
  2. The healing period is very short.
  3. They work with limited bone volume, helping patients having weak bone density.
  4. There is a rare chance of infection and implant instability with these modern implantology techniques.

With these features, immediate dental implants ensure success by offering a streamlined, efficient approach to tooth replacement.

Dr. Vivek Gaur : Master of Implants And Perfectionist

Dr. Vivek Gaur in Delhi-NCR specializes in the advanced implantology technique such as immediate Dental Implants. His expertise in immediate Dental Implants has been instrumental in addressing all the complexities in implant surgery. He has managed patients with diverse medical backgrounds like diabetes, Hypertension, cancer radiation patients, etc. With accurate planning and personalized treatment, Dr. Vivek Gaur is the best dentist to contact for getting a modern Tooth Implant In Delhi-NCR.

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