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Unlock the Secret to Perfect Teeth with Advanced Strategic Implantology Techniques!

Begin Your Journey To A Life – Changing Smile Transformation From Here With Strategic Implantology

Strategic Implantology; another name for corticobasal implant technology, is a dental implant treatment that is regarded as the most sophisticated worldwide. With the use of this science, patients can have a set of fixed teeth that are completely functional and supported by dental implants in as little as 48 hours. It is considered cost-effective as patients can get the treatment in 3 to 5 visits only. It’s an easy procedure, given that it’s flapless and does not require lifting sinus. With the power of technology and expertise of skilled implantologists like Dr. Vivek Gaur, dental implants have become fast, effective and result oriented! Strategic Implantology has also proven to be the best science for controlled diabetes and periodontally affected teeth.

About The Strategic Implantology

Regarded as the best implantologist, Dr. Vivek Gaur is a globally recognized dental implant surgeon and the leading expert on corticobasal or basal implants in India. Patients all throughout the world have welcomed the life-changing effects of this science. Due to his innovative work in replacing missing teeth in as little as 48 hours, Dr. Vivek Gaur is referred to as the best implantologist in Ghaziabad.

Our Clinic

With the help of modern technology, a minimally invasive solution for Dental Tooth Implant is now available in Delhi NCR. Here’s where your quest for the top dental implantologist ends. Discover sophisticated dental care from a team of professionals led by renowned implant specialist Dr. Vivek Gaur. He provides dental implant services, customizing and designing them as per each patient’s requirement.

Patients Getting Permanent Dental Implants From Dr. Vivek Gaur Can Be Assured Of The Following:

∙Improved aesthetics
∙No bone loss
∙Lifetime solution
∙No more sensitivity

A healing interval is necessary in conventional procedures like the All on 4 dental implant treatments. With basal implants your complete treatment, right from implant placements to fixed prosthesis is delivered within 48 hours, thus making it an ideal alternative to the conventional 2-piece dental implant science.

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