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Transform Your Smile in Just 2 Days – Discover the Magic of Fixed Teeth in 48 Hours!

Step-by Step Guide By Dr. Vivek Gaur For Fixed Teeth In 48 Hours

In the domain of modern dentistry, one of the most groundbreaking innovations is “Fixed teeth in 48 hours”. Spearheaded by Dr. Vivek Gaur in India, this technique is trusted for delivering a complete, functional smile in a matter of two consecutive days. It is possible by using basal implants or immediate loading implants. Read along for a step-by-step guide by Dr. Vivek Gaur for Fixed teeth in 48 hours:

Step 1: Extraction Of Infected Teeth And Implant Placement

Dr. Vivek Gaur starts with the extraction of the infected or damaged teeth to eliminate sources of infection. After the extraction, he cleans the infected site & places the dental Basal Implants into the jawbone. Advanced 3D scans and other modern imaging technologies are used by Dr. Vivek Gaur to ensure precise positioning of the implants. High precision ensures the implant’s stability and alignment.

Step 2: Immediate Metal Try-in & Measurement For Prosthesis With Digital Technology

When the implants are securely placed, a model for new teeth is created by using latest technology in-house. A metal try-in also called a temporary metal framework, is attached to the implants. The doctor uses this framework as a preliminary guide to carry out the final prosthesis. By using digital technology, the accuracy and expediency of the processes are increased, allowing one to complete the procedure in just 48 hours. Cases such as full mouth dental implants, that become complicated with conventional technology can also be completed using the same concept, making it very convenient for patients having no teeth, to get a fully functional set within 2 days.

Step 3: Correction Of The Bite & Permanent Fixation of the Prosthesis

Finally, Dr. Vivek Gaur meticulously adjusts the prosthesis to ensure correct bite alignment. After this, the prosthesis is permanently affixed to the implants. As a result, patients get teeth that look and feel natural.

Smile Delivered In 48 Hours!

In a matter of two days, patients can get a new smile that will be functional as well as visually appealing. Dr. Vivek Gaur uses the latest digital technology to offer fast and effective solutions for those who require immediate dental implants. The procedure of getting Fixed teeth in 48 hours is possible by using basal implants which are a remarkable advancement in the domain of dentistry. It minimizes treatment time and maximizes comfort as well as satisfaction. To learn more about basal implants, visit,

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