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What Is The Cost Of Full Mouth Dental Implants In Delhi NCR?

Full Mouth Dental Implants, especially the immediate loading ones, provide an all-inclusive solution for those patients who need extensive dental restoration. It offers a combination of durability and functionality just like natural teeth. In Delhi/NCR, the dental implant cost varies based on the type of implants selected. Let us delve into the cost of traditional and basal full-mouth dental implants, along with highlighting the modern dental technology used by Dr. Vivek Gaur – a leading practitioner in Delhi and NCR.

Price Comparison of Conventional and Basal Dental Implants

Here is a comparison of the cost and benefits of traditional and basal dental tooth implants:

ParameterConventional Implants Basal Implants 
Starting Price₹4 lakhs INR per jaw, ₹8 lacs full mouth₹5.5 lacs INR for full mouth 
Additional ProceduresSinus lifts, bone grafting, ridge expansionNot required.
Treatment Time 3 to 6 months or longerPermanent prosthesis within 48 hours
Bone Density Requirement Suitable bone densityMinimal or No bone density accepted
Overall CostHigher due to extra proceduresStarts from INR ₹5.5 lacs for full mouth implants
ConvenienceLess convenient due to extended treatment and recovery timeHighly convenient, faster treatment & recovery

List of Modern Instruments Used by Dr. Vivek Gaur

Dr. Vivek Gaur is rated among the best dental implant doctors in Delhi/NCR; he uses the latest technology devices in his clinic for all dental implant procedures.

  • AccuFab L4K by Shining 3D
  • AutoScan-DS-EX Pro by Shining 3D
  • Ceramill Motion 2 by AMANN GIRRBACH
  • FabCure 2 Post-curing Unit by Shining 3D
  • Fornax® T by Bego Germany
  • Solidilite V from Shofu Japan
  • VACUMAT 6000 M by VITA America
  • Wireless Intraoral Scanner by TRIOS 5
  • Zircom by KDF USA


In the Delhi/NCR region, there is a variation in the dental implant cost for Full Mouth Dental Implants. For traditional implants, the cost is less, whereas, for modern immediate-loading implants, the cost is more.

However, on comparing different parameters of these implants, basal implants turn out to be a preferable choice. As recommended by Dr. Vivek Gaur, basal dental tooth implants provide a more streamlined, quick, and permanent dental implant treatment. They are a safe, fast, effective and provide a result-oriented solution. For more details or to consult with Dr Vivek Gaur, visit,

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