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Who Should You Visit For Dental Implants? Oral Surgeon Or General Dentist

Oral Surgeon Or General Dentist Patients have many alternatives when it comes to dental professionals, and it can be difficult to decide which kind is ideal for your particular needs at the moment. Making an informed decision regarding your dental treatment can be aided by being aware of the difference between general dentists and oral surgeons, such as Dr. Vivek Gaur.

General dentists are trained to perform all basic dental treatments, right from cleaning, root canals, to gum treatment, dental fillings. They also offer advice on how to avoid frequent dental issues. Simple tooth extractions may be handled by general dentists, but more complicated procedures could be beyond their training. The treatments for a wide range of disorders affecting the face, mouth, and jaw, are carried out by oral surgeons who have completed their specialized training. Patients who have issues that a general dentist is unable to handle are usually referred to oral surgeons. Wisdom tooth extractions, reconstructive dental procedures, implant placement, and many more treatments are performed by oral surgeons.

What’s The Difference Between Going To A Oral Surgeon Or General Dentist To Have Dental Implants Placed?

Because they specialize in oral surgery, oral surgeons are probably the safest choice when it comes to placing same day implants, or basal dental implants. Therefore, having an oral surgeon do the procedure can reassure anyone who is nervous about it that they are in good hands. Dr. Vivek Gaur, the Best Implantologist In Delhi,NCR, has extensive experience of placing dental implants.

Full Mouth Restoration By The Best Dental Implant Doctor In Delhi

Dr. Vivek Gaur, one of the top implantologists in Delhi, specializes in restoring damaged teeth. Dr. Vivek Gaur has received extensive training & has a Master’s in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. Dr. Vivek Gaur is one amongst a handful of oral surgeons in the world who have expertise in advanced procedures like zygomatic implants. Most of the time, he combines a number of restorative and aesthetic dental operations throughout the dental procedure of his patients, which can include dental implants, ceramic crowns, oral surgery, etc.

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