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Why Are Conventional Dental Implants Not An Ideal Choice In The Present Era?

Conventional Dental Implants cases are now showing signs of long-term instability and complexity. A long healing period, usually 3 to 6 months, is required before a permanent prosthesis can be attached. This waiting period increases because the bone must fuse with the implant in a process called osseointegration. In addition, the failure rate of conventional Dental Implants is higher in cases with less bone density, as they may not integrate well with the bone, leading to possible rejection and inadequate results. The present era is dedicated to modern immediate loading implants like corticobasal implants due to the simplicity it offers

Conventional Dental Implants Require Sinus Lift, Ridge Expansion, and Bone Grafting

In most conventional cases, additional surgery is often required to obtain a proper base. Common procedures in conventional implantation include a sinus lift, ridge expansion to split the jaw for inserting implants, and bone grafting to increase bone loss areas. All these procedures are invasive, expensive, and require a long recovery period.

Conventional Implants Have Poor Bone Integration

The increased failure rate is a major disadvantage of traditional implantation, especially in patients with less bone density. Such implants require integration with neighboring bones that are untrustworthy too might create complications in the long term. Hence, these implants do not merge suitably causing dental issues and leaving the patient with no option but to go for repeated surgeries & months of treatment.


Implant-Supported Dentures or implant bridges provide a modern solution to complex dental needs, reducing the need for other surgical procedures such as sinus lifts, and bone grafts. Dr. Vivek Gaur emphasizes that immediate dental implants such as basal implants are a great alternative to traditional methods, providing faster results with less invasive techniques. Although full-mouth dental implant costs can be high, their long-term benefits along with fewer chances of failure make them a worthwhile investment for all patients with any bone density ratio. Dr. Vivek Gaur is the best dentist for getting modern tooth implants in Delhi, particularly immediate loading implants.

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