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Transform Your Smile with Basal Implants – The Ultimate Solution for Low Bone Density!

Benefits Of Basal Implants And Its Comparison With Conventional Implants

Basal implants are preferred Dental Implants that are anchored in the basal bone, which is the denser cortical bone present in the softer alveolar bone in the jaw. These are designed for using the dense bone structure and hence are suitable for patients suffering from significant bone loss or atrophy. Their design includes a smooth surface & a strategic shape, making them suitable for stable anchorage in the cortical bone. Further, the implant placement and prosthesis attachment are done on the same day; hence these are called immediate loading implants.

Advantages & Benefits Of Immediate Loading Basal Implants

Basal implants have proven to be an ideal long-term solution along with few the following advantages:

  1. No Need for Bone Grafting: These are placed directly into the dense basal bone, eliminating the requirement of bone grafting and sinus lifts that are common needs in conventional implanting techniques.
  2. Quick Recovery: Basal implants are immediate loading, allowing patients to get their prosthesis on the same day as the surgery. It results in a faster recovery & immediate restoration of all the function & aesthetics.
  3. Broad Applicability: Even patients with minimal bone volume, or osteoporosis are eligible for getting these modern basal implants.
  4. High Stability: Since it uses dense cortical bone, the stability and integration of the implants are assured. It keeps them functional for a long time.

Comparison of Basal and Conventional Implants

Parameters Basal Implants Conventional Implants 
Bone Requirement No bone grafting is needed Needs sufficient alveolar bone height and width
Surgical Complexity Minimal surgical intervention reduced surgical trauma and postoperative discomfortMore invasive surgery, including flap elevation and potential bone grafting; longer and complex recovery process
Loading Time Same-day loading, reduced treatment timeA healing period of several months, before the prosthesis can be attached thereby increasing in the treatment time


Basal implants offer a versatile and effective solution, especially in complex cases like full mouth dental implants. Basal implants truly can be a savior for patients suffering from challenging bone conditions. These implants use dense basal bone along with supporting immediate loading. It makes them better than conventional implants. Dr. Vivek Gaur has extensive experience in dental implants and is one of the pioneers of the immediate dental implant loading technology. He provides a permanent set of implant-supported dentures in just 2-3 appointments over 48 hours. To know more about Dr Vivek Gaur, visit,

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