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Full Mouth Dental Implants: A Proven Technology To Restore Your Smile & Oral Function

For a very long time, people with tooth loss or damage due to age or accidents have relied on conventional technology for dental implants. Conventional dental implants, as a solution to replace missing teeth, might not be suitable for individuals with insufficient bone quantity or quality in the jaw. In such complex cases, the treatment cost increases significantly. Moreover, this is a surgical dental implant procedure involving the insertion of the implant fixture, which requires several months to heal the surrounding bone tissue. During this time, patients experience discomfort and are restricted to a specific diet suggested by their dentists. Although the success rate is high, one cannot ignore the risks of complications associated with conventional Full Mouth Dental Implants. Patients with certain medical conditions, such as diabetes and high blood pressure, may not be candidates for dental implant surgery in Delhi due to the risk of complications.

The technology has advanced, and there are now more advanced solutions available in the field of dentistry. In today’s times, we recommend ditching conventional methods of dental implants and hopping on the trend of newer methods of immediate dental implants, like corticobasal implantology, which are proven solutions to avoid any kind of failure.

We encourage individuals with missing teeth to educate themselves about the latest technologies and not fall prey to conventional technology.

Factors Behind Conventional Dental Implant Failure:

Let’s understand the factors that contribute to the failure of conventional dental implants:

  1. Inadequate bone quantity or quality in the jaw
  2. Improper surgical techniques
  3. Poor post-operative care
  4. systemic health issues

What’s The Solution? The Solution Is Corticobasal Implantology.

Several benefits of advanced technology called corticobasal implantology are revolutionizing the field of dental implantology. This approach differs from conventional methods as a minimally invasive tooth replacement option, prioritizing safety, speed, and efficiency. The minimally invasive dental implant procedure ensures a less painful and often more pleasant experience for patients, eliminating post-operative discomfort and promoting fast recovery times through the use of pinhole surgery and flapless treatments. Due to these advantages, corticobasal implantology has become the preferred option for contemporary dental care, allowing patients to restore their smiles and oral function comfortably and confidently.

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